Learn more about the Perfect Statement mission, find out how we got started & meet our expert team.


The Mission


We’re on a mission to get you into the best possible university. 

We know from experience the enormous impact university can have on your life.

Get into the right uni and you’ll build lifelong friendships, learn from passionate academics & land your dream job. End up at the wrong uni, however, and you’ll waste your next three years, squander £27,000 and fall into a deadend career.

And crazy as it is, your personal statement is what makes the difference. According to UCAS, universities base up to 80% of their decision on your personal statement. 

So we started Perfect Statement - to open up the black box of university admissions, share the techniques and secrets of a killer application, and help every student get into the best university possible. 

We’ve already helped over 1000 students get into their dream universities - from UCL to Cambridge, Oxford to Stanford.

And for every student who buys a course, we give a course free to a disadvantaged student who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. 


Founder's Story

- by Andrew Mitson -


I hated school: I hated sitting bored in a classroom, not understanding what was going on, wanting to ask questions but being too afraid of looking “stupid”.

So at 16, I dropped out of school and started working part-time to support myself.

It was extremely difficult. We were on and off with social services. We didn’t have a kitchen , nor hot water...nor a bedroom. Snails used to crawl through into the house from outside...sometimes we’d step on them by accident. 


So I googled “highest paying degree” and LSE Economics came straight up - £45,000, more money than I could even imagine. 

So I worked out how to get in - straight A*s, killer extracurriculars...and an Oscar-winning personal statement. 

I spent months writing my statement. Draft after draft, I reached out to students at Cambridge and LSE, begged teachers at top private schools to help me. And finally I had the perfect statement.

Or so I thought...looking back, there’s still a lot I could have improved. 

But it was good enough - I got into LSE and Cambridge! And my Cambridge interviewer even commented on how “interesting and clever” my statement was.

University changed my life - the personal growth, the new relationships, the crazy fun. A few years on and I’m a teacher at LSE, a lecturer at two Oxford summer schools and twice featured in Forbes for my work in education.

I started Perfect Statement to help other students change their lives in the same way.

Having now seen the university admissions system from the inside, and having worked directly with university admissions tutors, we’ve been able to distill all the secrets, techniques and tricks behind an extraordinary personal statement...and we’ve packed all of it into the Perfect Statement course!


The Team

Andrew Mitson

Award-winning teacher at LSE, lecturer at two Oxford summer schools & twice featured in for Forbes his work in education. Andrew achieved 4 A*s at A Level, graduated top of his year at LSE and has now helped hundreds of students get into top universities.

Oli Rutherford

Lecturer at UCL, Head of Pedagogy & Curriculum at Teach First and board member at the World Education Connection. Oliver achieved straight A*s at A Level, speaks 6 languages and loves helping students reach their full potential.

Laila Rizvi

Laila achieved 3 A*s at A Level and studied Biomedical Sciences at Oxford. She’s passionate about helping students and has also played cricket for Leicestershire and been commissioned to paint portraits!

Liv Carmody

Liv graduated with a 1st Class degree in History from Cambridge University. She’s now passionately committed to helping students succeed in higher education.

Pranay Shah

After achieving 4 A*s at A Level, Pranay studied Engineering at Cambridge. He’s now involved in getting other keen engineers into top universities.

Molly Nichols

Molly studies Medicine at Oxford University and is always looking to help younger students. Outside her rigorous studies, she designs pantomime costumes and backdrops that have raised over £42,000!

Joe Duncan

Joe achieved straight A*s at A Level and went on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. Joe now works to help aspiring scientists achieve offers from their dream universities.

Surya Kongara

Surya studied Economics at Cambridge University. He loves seeing other students reach their full potential.

Will Legood

Will studied Law at Cambridge University and now wants to help aspiring students navigate their way through the law admissions process.

Amin Al-Hussainy

Amin studies Medicine at Cambridge University and enjoys photography as a side hobby. He looks forward to helping others get into their dream universities.

Zain Sheikh

Zain studied PPE at Oxford University. Outside academia, he’s a huge hip hop fan and is excited about sharing his knowledge with aspiring PPEists.

Soham Bandyopadhyay

Soham achieved an astonishing 5 A*s at A Level and has competed in the England Kabaddi team. He is currently completing his Medicine degree at Oxford University.

Gagan Khurana

After nailing 4 A*s at A Level, Gagan achieved a 1st Class in Physics from Oxford University. He has read over a book a week for the last 3 years and is eager to share his knowledge with new students.